Planning and consulting for energy and infrastructure

Our clients rely on us to create reliable foundations for decisions and support them in the comprehensive and successful implementation of their projects. As the owner’s engineer, we provide planning and consulting services along the entire value chain of infrastructure projects, relieving our clients in areas such as approvals, assessments and many other project steps.

Lenders’ trusted technical advisor

HSEQ also serves as the lenders’ technical advisor, providing valuable external expertise in project planning. We evaluate the technical feasibility, profitability and risks of the project and conduct technical due diligence to ensure that the project meets technical requirements. This can be done at all project stages upon request.

Our services

  • Overall planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Plant specification / creation of requirements specifications
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Tender management
  • Offer evaluation and comparison
  • Support in award negotiations
  • Award recommendation
  • Support in contract design

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