Our key focus areas


We believe that hydrogen plays a crucial role in decarbonising our planet, so we actively promote hydrogen in various economic sectors. With our expertise in hydrogen planning, our team is equipped to effectively support clients in all phases of the hydrogen value chain. In a time when companies and countries worldwide are transitioning from fossil fuels to sustainable energy, they face significant transformations.

This challenge is monumental but holds the potential to spark a wave of progress by creating new technologies. As a strong and experienced partner, HSEQ Professional on- & offshore promotes the development of sophisticated methods to measure and compare the sustainable performance of products, technologies and services. Our holistic approach to sustainability consulting offers real business benefits in both the short and long term.


Decarbonisation strategies are at the forefront for companies as a crucial current topic. We support you in setting the course now. The path is clear and unstoppable: Europe will be climate-neutral by 2050. After digitalisation, decarbonisation is the next major transformation. Markets and companies will undergo profound changes. HSEQ Professional on- & offshore recognises significant opportunities for our clients, for Europe and for future generations.

The reality of the climate crisis is already tangible today. A broad societal and political consensus drives the implementation of legally binding climate policy goals and the associated regulations. Europe is taking a leading role in global implementation and laying the foundations for a successful transformation. Decarbonisation will fundamentally change markets, industries and companies. We provide you with answers on this path.

Quality, safety and environment

The quality of our engineering and consulting services is paramount at HSEQ Professional on- & offshore. We place great importance on achieving our primary goal: ensuring the success and satisfaction of our clients. Careful selection of personnel and continuous monitoring of quality are therefore of utmost importance to us. We implement specifically tailored quality assurance measures for each project according to the corresponding concepts. Through these measures, we ensure not only the quality of our services but also the safety and satisfaction of our clients.

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